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New Generation Crankbaits made by HRT - the leading manufacturer of holographic lures!
Use them and never get "SCUNK" !

The new generation of truly realistic holographic crankbaits is now available in Canada.
Infinite Fishing exclusively supplies Canadian market with the complete line of HRT products.

These the most realistic looking lures available on the market today have proven incredibly effective in the North American waters and seem to outfish other lures in the most situations. We stock HRT lures in a wide variety of proven working colors and sizes allowing you to target all species of predatory fish.

These quality lures are manufactured in Poland using the most advanced technology available. The entire line of crankbaits features a stainless steel through-wire construction and razor sharp VMC treble hooks. It's new lips are now made of high performance plastic LEXAN. Its unique action and realistic holographic design have proven irresistible to all predatory game fish around the world. Equally effective when trolled or cast! Work outstanding at slow retreives. Also an excellent choice for high speed trolling.


Big Game Series


Perch / 5.5" - 10"

+ The HRT Perch is an excellent imitation of the fish most frequently eaten by musky, pike, bass and many other...> More Info


Piike / 8" - 12"

+ Everybody knows that pike is a cannibal. That’s why this lure is so effective. We provide you with a range...> More Info


Minnow / 10" - 12"

+ The HRT Minnow - Classic is a floating lure. Its realistic finish and unique action have proven very effective for muskies,...> New Colors


Bass, Walleye, Salmon, Trout, Pike Series


Shad / 5.5" - 8"

+ Perfect imitation of a shad - a very popular bait fish eaten by all predators. This lure is equally effective in lakes and...> New Colors


Perch / 2" - 5.5"

+ An excellent imitation of the fish most frequently eaten by pike, musky, bass and many other predatory game fish...> More Info


Pike / 4" - 6.5"

+ Very productive lure for pike and bass. The Pike in a jointed body style calls in predators from a greater distance...> More Info


Stint / 3.5" - 6"

+ Slim shape and very aggressive action are the features of this crankbait. Deadly for walleye, steelhead,...> New Colors


Minnow / 3" - 6"

+ The most conventional lure shape is now offered in a wide range of realistic holographic finish. It works great for...> New Colors


Minnow Jointed / 3" - 6"

+ The most conventional lure shape is also available in a jointed version. This lure produces a lot of vibration...> New Colors


Shad / 3" - 5.5"

+ Shad has proven to be an excellent lure on Great Lakes fishing for salmon and trout. Shads in bigger sizes are great...> New Colors


Roach / 2.75" - 3.5"

+ High, but flat sided body makes this lure work in a unique way. It works great in lakes and rivers with an aggressive...> New Sizes


Dancer / 3" - 4"

+ This lure was created exclusively for salmon and steelhead. However, after lots of input form anglers, we now offer...> New Sizes


SIEK-M Steelhead, Walleye Series


Banana / 2.75" - 3.5"

+ Banana lures are absolutely the most productive crankbaits available on the market for steelhead...> More Info


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