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Balsa Floats

We offer the largest selection of floats in North America. Whether you are fishing for steelhead, pike, walleye, carp, panfish we have a float to match your needs.

Our night floats are designed to fit the standard size glow sticks.


Steelhead Floats

+ Whether you are fishing for steelhead in a fast or slow water, we've got a float for... > More Info


Night Floats

+ If you love night fishing, our night floats will make your fishing experience extraordinary... > More Info


Live Bait Floats

+ If you are fishing for predatory fish with a live bait, our perfectly balanced floats will... > More Info


Carp / Crappie Floats

+ Carp fishing with a float is so much fun. A perfectly balanced slip float will help you notice...> More Info


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