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Carp tackle by Tandem Baits - the leading European manufacturer of carp bait and tackle.

We offer an extensive selection of quality carp tackle that should satisfy the needs of even the most demanding carp anglers.


Banksticks & Rod Pods

+ Top class telescopic bankstick made of stainless steel with adjustable length. Srong and stable... > More Info


Bite Indicators

+ DIGITEX D100 is exceptionally reliable, water proof electronic bite alarm packed with features such as: last bite... > More Info


Carp Rods

+ Dynamic carp rods with typical English action. This
specifc type of action charges the rods during casting...> More Info


End Tackle

+ In recent years the bolt rig has accounted for a large number of specimen fish and has become the most popular... > More Info



+ Tandem Baits in-line method feeder is a top quality feeder available. The
special recesses cut into the fins of the... > More Info


Hair Rigs

+ Evolution rig can be used with floating and sinking boilies. It is a preferred rig
type for fishing clear waters. Features a...> More Info



+ Owner has released a professional series of hooks for anglers specializing in carp fishing. Simply these hooks are...> More Info



+ Impact boilies are also offered in a 200 ml containers. .This is a great size to introduce new anglers to... > More Info


Landing Nets

+ Professional carp nets at an affordable cost. This series of nets are designed to land the monster carp...> More Info


Spod Tools

+ We provide you with the necessary tools to deliver boilies and particles to extreme range with deadly accuracy... > More Info



+ All tools are made of the highest quality stainless steel for long lastig, trouble free operation... > More Info




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