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German Quality and Precision!

Simply there are no better rods! The new Edition Royal IM-10 high modulus carbon series by BALZER GERMANY outperform any rod on the market. These ultra light rods feature an incredible backbone power, sensitivity and durability.

Edition Royal IM-10 Series



+ This rod series constitutes a real highlight in the Balzer
rod program. In a complex process process and under high presure... > More Info



+ We can also supply you with the Edition Royal as an
extensive series of telescopic rods. The IM-10 Carbon... > More Info



+ Dynamic carp rods with typical English action. This
specifc type of action charges the rods during casting... > More Info


Magna Princess IM-8 Series

Platinum IM-8 Series


3 - Pieces

+ Our new Magna Princess rods really are gems, almost
too good for fishing! Lightweight, slim blanks made of IM-8... > More Info



+ Long-range casting carp rods of the supreme class! This is where the IM-8 / DWC Carbon really comes into... > More Info


3 - Pieces

+ Each individual rod is handmade and has only the best of ingredients. The powerful blanks, made of IM-8 carbon... > More Info


Diabolo II Series



+ As with the put-in rods, all telescopic rods are perfectly
tuned to their respective areas of application in terms
of their action... > More Info


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