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Quality Telescopic Landing Nets

The new, high-class landing nets have a molded aluminum articulated join that is unmatched in terms of stability. The landing net pole and hoop are made of extruded aluminum, making them wonderfully light and robust. Hoop and pole are coated with a special alloy applied under high pressure. This allow not only looks elegant, it also contributes up to 15 % greater stability. Furthermore, it is completely resistant to scratches. All landing nets are equipped with smell-repellent honeycomb weave netting.


Collapsible - Aluminum

+ All-round landing nets for universal use. These landing nets feature infinite adjustment and locking mechanism... > More Info


Collapsible - Plastic

+ This series of landing nets feature a landing net pole that is made of profiled, extruded aluminum. The folding... > More Info



+ This series of landing nets feature extra strong hoop and long net pole made of extruded aluminum...> More Info


Collapsible - Carp

+ Professional carp nets at an affordable cost. This series of nets are designed to land the monster carp... > More Info





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