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High Performance Monofilament Lines

The development process of these line series is probably unique: different teams of expert worked out an exact product profile for the various fields in which the line were to be used. Numerous additional field test followed until the line matched the requirements 100%. The result is a genuine high-tech line with outstanding qualities. The Anti-Twist system is the first of its kind worldwide, for which a chemical process is employed to reduce line-twisting to a minimum.


Platinum Royal

+ Platinum Royal, a masterpiece in terms of line development that sets new standards in the market for fishing... > More Info


Platil® Souverän

+ The strongest line from Platil®, produced by the German manufacturer leading in quality, progress and... > More Info


Platil® Ghost-Fluorocarbon

+ Platil®’s new 100% Fluorocarbon Ghost line is almost invisible in the water because of it’s very high transparency... > More Info



+ The name Siglon has stood for first class monofilament lines for generations. It was always our main... > More Info



+ You need no longer compromise: with Millenium Pro you can angle for the fish of your choice with exactly... > More Info


High Performance Braided Lines


Siglotex Royal

+ This new, braided high performance line is the logical further development of our well know Siglotex. It was possible... > More Info


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