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We deliver the best of European fishing gear to the North American fisherman.

Our quality products are available in many specialty fishing tackle stores throughout Canada and the United States. For your convenience you can also purchase them through the ONLINE STORES.


Infinite Fishing products’ catalogue can be displayed with Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website.


Edition Royal IM10 Spin 40 is a very sensitive spin rod designed for...>

Platinum FD 9 ball bearings runs as smooth as silk, the Bait-Fix system...>
Platinum Royal sets new standards in the market for fishing lines...>
  Our night floats are designed to fit the standard size glow sticks...>
New lures in stock for walleye, pike, musky. NEW HOT COLORS...>
Viper - the willow blade spinner is an excellent choice for walleye,...>
  The new, high-class landing nets have a molded aluminum join...>
  Owner Hooks are second to none in popularity among freshwater...>


Ideal for storage small items such as hooks, swivels, etc ...>
Tandem Baits in-line feeder is a top quality feeder available...>
Our legendary Impact boilies are also available in a floating version...>

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